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标准药物(中国)有限公司 (Standardpharm CHN Co., Ltd. ,简称STD Pharm),是一家在生命化学科研领域,以有关小分子化合物为主,立足中国,服务世界的,全球著名标准物质解决方案提供企业。与美国Standardpharm Co., Ltd.合作下设了斯坦德研复标准物质科技(北京)有限公司、斯坦德研复标准物质科技(上海)有限公司、斯坦德药典标准物质研发(深圳)有限公司、斯坦德药典标准物质研发(湖北)有限公司、斯坦德(深圳)药物研发有限公司、斯坦德药典信息科技(湖北)有限公司。

标准药物公司是专业的生物和化学药物及衍生物标准品定制合成公司,在全球市场内为客户提供标准品、对照品、标准物质,客户包括大型生物、化学制药和诊断公司、临床和生物分析、CRO、特殊化学品制造商以及医院研究人员、大学和各种其他研究机构,包括 EDQM、U.S.P.、JP、CH.P.、辉瑞、TEVA等等。

标准药物公司可以提供超过 600000 种化合物,产品种类涵盖10个类别,包括:药物化学杂质、农药兽药残留、同位素标记物、香精色素、刑事司法医学、天然药物提取、化妆品、环境保护、食品安全、工业辅料等。几乎所有这些产品均会提供分析报告(COA)、高效液相色谱/气相色谱(HPLC/GC)、质谱(MS)、核磁氢谱(HNMR),以及附属的合成路线、图谱解析或客户要求的其他测试如核磁(CNMR、FNMR、QNMR 等 )、元素分析、TGA、IR、UV 等等。如在合同规定期内发现确认存在产品质量的相关问题,STD承诺尽快换货以解决问题或退货,STD 在中国和美国都有库存,以保证为客户提供最快速的发货服务。



Standardpharm Co., Ltd. is a strict standard company. Its main members are former senior employees from EDQM and The United States Pharmacopeial Convention. Standardpharm Co., Ltd. work together with Standardpharm CHN Co., Ltd. to serve scientists in the field of generic pharmaceuticals and innovative pharmaceuticals worldwide.

Standardpharm Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in the custom synthesis of pharmaceutical reference standards for biomedical and pharmaceutical research. We supply reference standards worldwide to clients base that includes major biotechnology corporations, pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies, clinical and bio-analytical CROs, manufacturers of specialty chemicals, as well as hospital researchers, universities and various other research institutions, including EDQM, U.S.P., JP, Ch.P.,and Pfizer, TEVA, etc.

Standardpharm has over 600,000 products in 10 application area, including: Pharmaceutical Impurities, Pesticide and Veterinary Pharmaceutical Residues, Isotopes, Essence and Pigment, Criminal Justice Medicine, Natural pharmaceutical Extraction, Cosmetic, Environmental Protection, Food safety, Industrial Auxiliary Materials. Certificate of Analysis (COA) will be provided for all these products which characterized using HPLC/GC, MS, HNMR, synthetic route, spectrum analysis and other testing (CNMR, FNMR, COSY, NOESY, DEPT, HMBC, HMQC, HSQC, IR, UV, QNMR, TGA, elemental analysis, etc. ) as requested spectra by our clients. And STD Promises to return or exchange the goods to solve the problem as quickly as possible if any quality problem is found within the contractual period. STD has inventory in both China and the United States to ensure the fastest delivery for customers.

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