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标准药物(中国)有限公司 (Standardpharm CHN Co., Ltd. ,简称STD Pharm),是一家生命化学科研领域,以有关小分子化合物为主,立足中国,服务世界的,全球著名标准物质解决方案提供企业。与美国Standardpharm Co., Ltd.合作下设了斯坦德药典标准物质研发(湖北)有限公司、斯坦德药典标准物质研发(深圳)有限公司、斯坦德研复标准物质科技(北京)有限公司、斯坦德药典标准物质技术服务(上海)有限公司、斯坦德药典信息科技(湖北)有限公司,标准物质产品和客户领域覆盖:药物化学杂质、农药兽药残留、同位素标记物、香精色素、刑事司法医学、天然药物提取、化妆品、环境保护、食品安全、工业辅料等。STD目前可提供约600000种有机化学标准物质产品。产品可提供COA,HPLC/GC, MS, HNMR, Synthetic Route, Spectrum Analysis and CNMR, FNMR, COSY, NOESY, DEPT, HMBC, HMQC, HSQC, IR, UV, QNMR, TGA, Elemental Analysis 等等全系结构确证分析和质量检测证明图谱资料。

Standardpharm Co., Ltd. is a strict standard company. Its main members are former senior employees from EDQM and The United States Pharmacopeial Convention. STD serves the global drug developers in the world's largest market of generic drugs and innovative drugs.

Standardpharm Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in the custom synthesis of pharmaceutical reference standards for biomedical and pharmaceutical research. We supply reference standards worldwide to a client base that includes major biotechnology corporations, pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies, clinical and bio-analytical CROs, manufacturers of specialty chemicals, as well as hospital researchers, universities and various other research institutions, including EDQM, U.S.P., JP, Ch.P.,and Pfizer, TEVA, TRC, MC, etc.

Standardpharm has over 60,000 products. Certificate of Analysis (COA) will be provided for all these products which characterized using HPLC/GC, MS, HNMR, synthetic route, spectrum analysis and other testing (CNMR, FNMR, COSY, NOESY, DEPT, HMBC, HMQC, HSQC, IR, UV, QNMR, TGA, elemental analysis, etc. )as requested spectra by our clients. And STD Promises to return or exchange the goods to solve the problem as quickly as possible if any quality problem is found within the contractual period. STD has inventory in both China and the United States to ensure the fastest delivery for customers.

Standardpharm has provided products and services to thousands of chemical and pharmaceutical R & D agencies. We have rich experience in cooperation and require all agents to cooperate in order to provide satisfactory products and services to customers.

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